Michael in Pictures from stations r nine radio on Vimeo.

Station R Nine takes another look at autism with one of our short films that takes a brief look into a non-verbal autistic man’s life and art.

beautiful fields from stations r nine on Vimeo.

Stations r Nine (Episode 18 Video) beautiful fields If you want to read along while watching (is that possible?) here are the words:

” A big slow river. clouds. tender rain. a childhood. everything in beautiful fields. on little farms. a lost heart. maybe broken. i can hear your voice now. see your blue eyes. your little hands trembling. i never stopped loving you. But I did’t have time to stop and say goodbye to you. you know waving my hand or holding you. in those days the whole world came and went from a bus window. and I remember all the farms fading away. a bit too fast. they faded away until everything was gone… completely white like snow. . and blank. nothing. all gone. now all these years later. on a day like today. the color, it comes back to me. and all the farms. and you of course standing there. and I can hear home calling. the ghost. still lost. but not lost in this heart. not lost in this heart” - dh


"Jesus Dave, that was actually quite compelling. A true work of poetry."- Jared Klabenesh, Ogden, Utah 
"Thanks Dave! Looks good. Miss you!" - Angelica Sarkisyan, LA, Calif 
"I will tell you the word that came to me on Easter…as I was surrounded by those I love with all my heart and soul…this family that means so much to me..and yet..for some reason…surrounded by love on a day of love….the word that came to me….was…loneliness. Blessings".  Fran Baggett, San Francisco, Calif

Really liked the Easter Day’s broadcast. Wow, David. You touch deep there.”- -Steve Hagg, Flagstaff, Arizona

"I enjoyed that, David…nice blend of voice with the poignant piano. It’s sad alright, but then so is much of life. The imagery was an especially evocative part of the overall blend. Utah…home sweet home (some satire intended, but not when it comes to the land itself…and of course a lot of well-meaning people). Thanks."-  Steve Starley, Flagstaff, Arizona

" To be honest, it is totally amazing..you are amazing,man the way you speak,god, it is really creative and poetic. it was amazing listening to your radio channel " - Abhi Artemis Dionysus, Iowa  

Hopi gifts

American dreaming:

Our view of time and history…more often than not falls into TV shows, Hollywood and broken dreams. . .finding ourselves enslaved to a reality that makes only a few wealthy. Only a privileged few are free to fully enjoy the short span of a human life. Well planned marketing structures take advantage of our short term concepts and fragmented knowledge of life and universe.


Is George Orwell’s 1984 actual right now? And how you really don’t care. Lol.


 Anyone who has come in close contact with Michel for any extended period of time has felt their lives significantly impacted by his overwhelming presence of silence. His world is largely not understood in terms of his personal feeling for others and his reactions to his surrounding environment. His sensitivities are extreme and at times overwhelming for himself and those around him. When I began to study his expression as an artist I immediately realized he was a highly unusual human being with little or any concern for outward acceptance by others. The sheer number of his pieces of art over the years is staggering.

Ultimate nature of reality? (Part 03)


From the cartoon series Alone Ways From Home-  Artwork by David Asleep of Stations R 9 2014 

poem and photo - david asleep 2014

poem and photo - david asleep 2014